Bridal Information

Your bridal should be scheduled approximately 6 weeks before your wedding. 
You can choose to have your bridal at either our studio,
the location of your choice, or our studio-premise park (Sabrina's Garden).

Planning for your bridal session can greatly affect the results and your satisfaction of your session.  Make sure your dress is pressed and not put back into the storage bag, you have the shoes your dress was altered with, jewelry, nails manicured, powder makeup for shiny faces (makeup no's: body glitter, frosted or white makeup. These makeup types reflect light and appear very white and shiny; normal makeup is recommended. If makeup is applied heavier than normal, it may leave a defining line between skin with makeup and skin without makeup. 
Don't do anything drastic that doesn't fit "you" that you may not like later.)

Plan a trial run with your hair, veil and makeup.
You will also need your bouquet!
Remember, your bridal portrait will show you, your dress and bouquet in detail.

Please arrive at your appointed time. Approximately 25 minutes dressing time has already been scheduled into your time. We will be photographing you from full length to sitting down and close-ups.

And don't forget, we also do our custom framing in-house. If you buy a frame from us, we do not charge to frame it for you! We use our virtual framing software to show you the many styles we carry and can even show you what your image will look like in a particular frame, which greatly helps in deciding on that perfect frame.